HELLO WORLD is an annual 'zine (magazine) that celebrates the creative human spirit  through art, comics and poetry submitted by contributors from all over the world. Using underground methodology, each contributor of HELLO WORLD will be given their own ''master copy'' of that particular issue, allowing them to become their own distributor and making the magazine virtually available everywhere and anywhere! 

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Chief Editor/Contributor - Michael Jasorka

Since graduating with a studio art degree in Ilustration from Rowan University , Michael Jasorka has continued to publish, create and now, even print his imprint line of comics and zines under Bombshell Comics since 2006. 

 He's also the creator/artist of the first ever roller rink art tour with his pin-up art collection, ROLLER DAMES

Visit Bombshell-comics.com to see the latest releases!

Contributions to Hello World include: "Famous Animal Battles," "A Burning in Bernadette" "BodySnatcher: Fly on The Wall" with Josh Martin and other small comics and poems (Issues 1,2,3,4)
Contributor - Mathias Johansson 

Sydney based artist Mathias Johansson was born and raised in a small town in Sweden. Even before he could read he was fascinated by comics and storytelling with pictures, which ever since then has inspired him in his art. In his early twenties he moved to the capital Stockholm where he started working as a graphic designer and illustrator. After a few years of design work, he again felt the urge of moving on to new exotic places. When not working he likes to spend as much time as possible under water.
Mathias Johansson is the creator of comic anti-hero and the author and illustrator of two children's books about a crazy monkey, that dreams about traveling to new distant places...
Contributions to Hello World include: His webcomic series: "Nudeboy" (Issues 1,2)

Contributor - Dave Seal 

Dave seal is a man, a man like many of you, unless you're a she-man, or a female, then he's not like you. He's a man with the will to create. Enjoys doing and undoing, drawing, sculpting, ceramicsing, cutting and fitting, and not so much folding clothes. Dave would much prefer to remember, that way he'll never forget.

Contributions to Hello World Include: Various Drawings (Issues 1,3)

Contributor - Adam Kaiser

Adam Kaiser is a high school senior in North Jersey.  Next year he plans to attend a liberal arts college, and eventually major in something good.  His comics have been published in several independent anthologies, and he is currently working on two series of strips for online magazines.  He also hopes to release his first (very short) small-press graphic novel, tentatively entitled "Lord McWrath" in the Spring of 2009. 
In addition to comics, Adam enjoys nice socks, victory, bass guitar, soccer, and writing short contributer biographies in the third person.  His mother sometimes says he is a real catch, so you should probably check out his work at birdslothcomics.com

Contributions to Hello World Include: "Semi-Rancorous Beasts" (Issues 1,3)
Contributor - Sara Pinkerton

She's a party girl, rock around the world. Afghanistan, party in the sand. secret word:  T S I R H C I T N A  S I  K C A R R A B 

Contributions to Hello World: "B.M.E's Landfill Mouth." & "Hard Answers 2 Easy Questions" (Issue 1)

by Cartoonists, Poets, Photographers & Artists
from all over the world!
By Ross Marinaro

Contributor - Rodolfo Buscaglia 

Rodolfo Buscaglia is a comic artist from Argentina. He has loved comics since he can remember. After a few years of study at  "Lola Mora National School of Fine Arts" he started to study with prestigious Argentine comic artists such as Oswal, Enrique Villagrán, Jorge Lucas and Ariel Olivetti. When not working he likes to play the guitar, dance tango with his wife and enjoys being with his little son.

Contributions to Hello World: Comics including "Three Eyes", "The Return of The Mothman" & "The Hardest Part" w/ Kevin Nugent (Issues 1,2)
Contributor - Keith Schifano

Keith Schifano currently resides in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with his wife Nova.He has an associate's degree in English from Warren County Community college. His passion lies in music, art, reading, writing, watching movies (if they are worth it), and spending time with friends. The poetry he writes reflects his world views and a wide range of emotions and topics.
His latest comics credits include writer on Bombshell Comics' "Gustav Ghostav" w/ Mike Jasorka.
Currently scripting "Fame Is Magic".

Contributions to Hello World: Include various Poems (Issues 1,2,3,4)
By Deidre "Pit Face"
Contributor - Joseph Carlough

Joseph Carlough is a self-publisher, simply having fun in New Jersey. He releases a zine called Today Terrific and has recently decided he needs to get serious about writing.

 Find him online at www.JosephCarlough.com

Contributions to Hello World: Include Various Poems (Issues 2,3,4)

A Bombshell Comics
Contributor - Lauren R. Tharp 

is a talented freelance-writer-for-hire who has been frequently published in magazines and on the Internet. She has received several awards—mostly pertaining to writing, but for other things as well—in and outside of school.  She always aims to please and usually succeeds.  Hey website can be found here and blog can be found here!

Every once in a while, Lauren gets a "wild hair" and decides to do some "art."  Her paintings have been exhibited in local galleries three times.  She has maintained two online web comics over the years.  And she illustrated a childrens' book (Scary Man) and sold a highly-praised "Fan Art" collage to raise a small amount of money for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in 2009.  

Contributions to Hello World:  Include "Follow Me" Comic (Issues 3,4)
by Various
By Roberto Palazzo

by Various
By Raven Servellon

Celebrating the creative human spirit
through comics, art and poetry
Contributor - Ramiro Roman Jr.

Weird horror comics and Ramiro Roman, Jr. go together like nightmares and an upset stomach--but in the best way possible!  

If you're a fan of American horror comics (Tales from the Crypt, anyone?) or Japanese ero-guro, you're going to want to check out Ramiro's RED MUSEUM 

Ramiro's contribution to Hello World: Include "An Open Window At Night" (Issue #4)

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