Feb 2013 

Discover the true American muscle bike: A rare 1969 AMF (American Machine & Foundry) Roadmaster 'American V' as it's discovered on a rooftop in Philadelphia!... 

This wild ride of a comic also includes a historic overview of AMF, a longevity overview of AMF bicycles, classic re-created AMF bicycle ads, and an NBHAA.com bicycle analysis with photographs from photographer, Jordan Martin!..

48 Pages - B+W
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"That Bike' was and still is the beginning of my auto-bio comics.. I produced That Bike in 3 months and it was truly fun to capture. It may still be my "record" for producing that many pages (48!) in a short period of time.. Over-all, i'm proud that I've captured that moment in my life around great friends in America's first capital - Philadelphia. South Philadelphia is the area where the story takes place, and I tried to be as literal as possible when capturing the streets to where the reader might be able to identify where I was without saying anything. "