May 2013 

It's 1973 and the wrestling territory in Florida has never looked so misfit!.. 
The women's title match is underway as this issue breaks loose with Eddie McMoon and his Famous Federation breaking in to the Sportsplex "fork-lift style" during mid-match!... "Big Don" is sporting his new "face" look at ringside, but will it be enough to ward off Eddie McMoon and allow his ex-valet, Hippie Saundra a win over the immature Shiela Child?.. A women's championship is declared!..

20pgs/B+W /$6 

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"Every issue of Misfit Wrestling Federation starts with a single panel. I use this to slow down the time of no-matter what kind of action is going on in the story. It also allows my readers to focus on someone (a character or group of characters in this large cast) or something (location, space, object) that narrows the story in to focus. I believe this is akin to the Marvel or DC intro splash pages - heightening the effect of turning that very page to REALLY begin and be taken into the story. It's a wonderful storytelling tool for the comic book format."