Guthrie: The Story of A Beast
10th Anniversary Edition

For a limited time!.. 
Get yourself a copy of Guthrie: The Story of A Beast, the first
Bombshell Comic released back in 2006. 

Follow the story of a time-traveling scientist, Victor Bullfrog who sends two Renaissance swordsman from the past to capture a dangerous beast
loose within Kansas City. 

32pgs/Full Color/$10
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Aug 2006
"Guthrie: The Story of A Beast' was my first true venture in to making a comic book. I had efforts in my youth at fully writing and illustrating one - but it really took my entire summer of my junior year before I returned to study art at Rowan University before I could actually do it. While in my senior year, I created my second comic book, called 'Bomb's Away: The Bombshell Comics Sampler Pack' which will now go down as more rare than most of my self-published publications for it was only available at my senior exhibit. I don't really know where the idea for Guthrie came from, but it was a great learning experience and challenge."