The Collected Graphic Novel

It's Las Vegas,1982, a recent college graduate and lazy job-seeker, Jimmy Deltworth discovers his mother is marrying the most notorious pimp in Nevada -- Big Dongrel Mongrel. Now, as Jimmy Stylez, he must learn the ropes of pimpdom under the guidance of Gweneth Grace, Big Don's experienced call-girl. Just as fate sees it, Jimmy and Grace must soon both face the most scariest and serious problem of their lives -- But will they have the Style & Grace to protect themselves and everyone they love from it?...

Collecting the 4-issue mini-series, Style & Grace (2007-2012) 
by Michael Jasorka

112pgs/Full Color
But should be in the near future!

"Style & Grace' was my first conceived and produced 4-part mini series. At the time, I not only wanted the challenge of producing a mini-series entirely myself, but I wanted to make something that actually had an awareness message of something very real. The project ultimately took 5 years, and among a few life moments, it was finally complete. A growth project it truly was.. and i'm proud to have completed it, as it strengthened by sequential awareness of my style and approach to a limited series."