Feb 2012 

The 4th annual collective comics/art/poetry magazine celebrating the creative human spirit!.. 

Featuring: Joseph Carlough, Keith Schifano, Tara Milch, William Brun, Roberto Palazzo, Carla Farra, Ellie Gordon, Kris Abogado, Kenny Myers, Mark Darcourt, Ramiro Roman Jr., Paula Scheyer, Alex Moore & more!...

64 Pages / B+W / $12.00
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"Hello World Zine #4 came out of more of the Los Angeles scene at the time. I found friends from my comic makers meet-up group to submit, cartoonists that were friends with contributors started to submit -- this issue may have been the most easiest to compile. The work came to me rather than the other way around. #4 is definitely a funky issue."