One-shot Mini Comic

It's 1638, New Sweden: A swedish settler named only as Gustav, has been murdered for coveting his neighboring indian chief's wife!.. Now, roaming as a ghost, he struggles to choose between avenge and revenge before leaving in to the after-life!...

Writer/Dialogue - Keith Schifano 
Plot/Dialogue/Artist - Michael Jasorka
                                               14 Pgs/B+W/$8.00
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March 2010
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of the book!...
"Gustav Ghostav was an idea that came from "left field" as some would say.. I juggled two mini comics at once during this time, Gustav being one of them, the other, was 'Skinny Kittie'. Bringing Keith Schifano on board was an interesting approach too - Keith wrote the story based upon my plot then we shared dialogue duties. I'm very proud of this experience. Prior to this, I hadn't seen Keith, my childhood friend, in years."