'December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter'

Experience the found 1970's U.F.O. conference audio (CD included!) storytelling of ex state-patrolman Herbert Schirmer, as he tells his story about being taken aboard a U.F.O. while on duty and now adapted in to a read-along comic book experience by cartoonist, Michael Jasorka!

A most unique read-along comic experience.."for the U.F.O. nut or alien encounter believer."

"One can't help but love this fastidiously-designed and entirely uni-ronic transcription of one man's encounter with a UFO and its denizens."
  - Rob Clough

60 Pages B+W w/ Color Elements
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Dec 2011  
"What can I say about "Dec 3rd" other than it being one of most beloved comic books of mine and it all came from my love of Ufology. Being able to find Herbert's most amazing audio file, I knew it was clear in every way (and also finding his sketches and newspaper articles of that wild day) that I was the lucky one to transcribe his story. Today, i'm also lucky to call Herb a friend."


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