Misfit Wrestling Federation #5

The women's title match continues, as Hippie Saundra takes on Shiela Child and the line ends here!...Or does it??.. Eddie McMoon interrupts the women's title match and divulges his future plans with having the M.W.F in his territory and it's a pretty gutsy move!!...

All the while, the M.W.F. World Champion, The Bald-headed Freak gives an educational lesson to the local law enforcement.. A very misfit one!..

​​ 26pgs/B+W/​

Misfit Wrestling Federation #8 

Part 3 of "What's In Mad Mike's Ring?" is brought to life as the M.W.F world champion, the Bald-Headed Freak, in a heat of rage, books next week's piranhas-under-the-ring match with Mad Mike and half of the locker room present! 

With the roles of power being off skew, the off-with-the-ring posts match begins abruptly, as David Crass and Big Dongrel Mongrel go head-to-head in a rope-less squared circle!.. and the victor, will take on the misfit champion next week. That's if.. the Famous Federation will let them!.. 

28pgs / B+W /  
'December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter'

Experience the found 1970's U.F.O. conference audio (CD included!) storytelling of ex state-patrolman Herbert Schirmer, as he tells his story about being taken aboard a U.F.O. while on duty in a now adapted read-along comic book experience.​

56 Pages / Partial Color /
"One can't help but love this fastidiously-designed and entirely uni-ronic transcription of one man's encounter with a UFO and its denizens."
  - Rob Clough (of TCJ.com)​
'Destroy Centaur'

Year: 2192. When bio-engineered pinball characters from the 1981 Bally pinball machine, 'Centaur', return to a polluted Earth from the future to play the remaining 'Centaur' pinball machines, they discover amongst a cast of curmudgeon humanoids who their real fans are,.. but will it be enough for them to want to stay in the past or was feeling embraced never part of their future?..

Partial Color / 44 pgs / 
Skill Shot #54 - Seattle's pinball zine, states "if you're a fan of the pinball, you will love the 'Destroy Centaur' comic book!"

Discover the true American muscle bike: A rare 1969 AMF (American Machine & Foundry) Roadmaster 'American V' as it's discovered on a rooftop in Philadelphia!... 
This wild ride of a comic also includes a historic overview of America's first foundry, AMF - American Machine & Foundry, a longevity overview of AMF bicycles and an NBHAA.com bicycle analysis with photographs from photographer, Jordan Martin!..                                                                   48 Pages / B+W /
The Wildwood Days of Doo Wop
(Summer 2021)

Journey back through American mid-century Doo Wop motel architecture, with the largest collection and in one of the birthplaces of rock n' roll - Wildwood, New Jersey!... Learn about the legend and folklore surrounding the motel architecture movement named after the touring vocal groups of the day, and how an era of optimism inspired hundreds of styles of motels block-to-clock, in a fully illustrated 100-page chronicle!

100 pages / full color / 

'M.W.F. Main Event' Collected 
Trade Paper Back

Collecting the first five issues of 
'Misfit Wrestling Federation' (2012-Present) in nearly 100 pages of story and art!..

It's 1973, and the wrestling territory in Florida has never looked so misfit!.. Catch pro wrestlers like The Bald-Headed Freak, Big Dongrel Mongrel and Hippie Saundra as they build their misfit company to go head to head with the biggest of all the wrestling competition around - The Famous Federation!  

97pgs / B+W / SOLD OUT
Misfit Wrestling Federation #7

Part 2 of "What's In Mad Mike's Ring?" continues as the handi-cap match, between the Bald-headed Freak and the L.T.D. Express gets interrupted by the Famous Federation's own, Tacoo Mitchi Taco!.. 
All the while, "the kids" sit aisle-side with Big Dongrel Mongrel's pentagram earring.. but will they decide to give it back to Big Don or will it go on a path to freaky?.. Find out in this nearly double-sized issue of M.W.F.!

  ​33pgs / B+W /  

Misfit Wrestling Federation #6

This issue, begins part 1 of 
"What's In Mad Mike's Ring?" as 
Bald-headed Freak and Mad Mike have a late night, after the match meeting where the Freak reveals why he picked Big Don up from outside the Famous Federation building.

Then, catch the start of the handi-cap match between the Bald-headed Freak and the L.T.D. Express with Big Dongrel Mongrel as the guest referee!..

  24pgs / B+W / 
Misfit Wrestling Federation #4

It's 1973 and the wrestling territory in Florida has never looked so misfit!.. 
The women's title match is underway as this issue breaks loose with Eddie McMoon and his Famous Federation breaking in to the Sportsplex "fork-lift style" during mid-match!...

"Big Don" is sporting his new baby face look at ringside, but will it be enough to ward off Eddie McMoon and allow his ex-valet, Hippie Saundra a win over the immature Shiela Child?.. This issue: A women's 
champion is declared!..

  20pgs/B+W / 
Misfit Wrestling Federation #3

It's 1973 and the wrestling territory in Florida has never looked so misfit!.. After getting a glimpse of seeing the Bald-Headed Freak cause some havoc at the Universal House of Pancakes, back at the Sportsplex, the first M.W.F. match is underway!... 

David Crass takes on Matt Maverick in pro wrestling's first eye-removal match.. and you can bet commissioner Mad Mike is prepared to help his misfit wrestler's suspend the disbelief!...

  21pgs / B+W / 
Misfit Wrestling Federation #2

It's 1973 and the wrestling territory in Florida has never looked so misfit!.. In this issue, commissioner Mad Mike addresses his Misfit Wrestling Federation with the new company code and with natural tension building, books the first night of M.W.F. matches!.. 

While on the other side of town, Eddie McMoon displays his mic skills to a packed house at the Famous Federation building. Will he let the misfit company stay or is it of no concern to the famous?...

20pgs / B+W /
Misfit Wrestling Federation #1 

It's 1973, and the wrestling territory in Florida has never looked so misfit!.. 

Catch pro wrestlers like The Bald-Headed Freak, Big Dongrel Mongrel, David Crass and Hippie Saundra as they build their misfit company with outlaw promoter, Mad Mike and go head to head against the Florida wrestling territory giant, The Famous Federation!  

  16 pgs / B+W / 

Mr. Fascination and The Fascination Machines
(Summer 2021)

Adapted from 'Fascination: A Lifetime Boardwalk Adventure' by Randy Senna, follow the story of one of the last proprietors of one of the oldest boardwalk games: Fascination!.. A combination of electronic Skee Ball and Bingo, Fascination dates back to the 1934 Chicago World's Fair and thanks to Randy Senna, one of the last keepers of the flame, it's still able to be enjoyed into the 21st century.. and it's only in Wildwood,
New Jersey.

60+ pgs / full color / 

(All prices contain California sales tax.)
Misfit Wrestling Federation #9

​Part 4 of "What's In Mad Mike's Ring?" continues, as the conclusion of the off-with-the-ringposts match between David Crass and Big Dongrel Mongrel comes to an end!...
Commissioner Mad Mike and the M.W.F. fans discover more of Big Don's past while the Famous Federation, across town, prepare for his future!..

Castle Dracula & Dungeon: Employee 
Handbook Illustrated
(Summer 2022)

An illustrated rendition of the actual 1977 employee handbook of the long-lost Wildwood New Jersey boardwalk haunted attraction, Castle Dracula is finally here!.. For a horrifying read, don't miss it!.. Follow the cast of ghosts, ghouls,
and phantoms who seem to only want to take advantage of an already scary full-time 
summer job!..

56 pages / partial color /